Spider-hunting wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) of Poland

Spider-hunting wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) of Poland

The book describes diversity and distribution of Polish spider-hunting wasps of the family Pompilidae. Chapters deal with adult morphology, biology and protection of cuckoo-wasps. The book includes keys to identification of subfamilies, genera and species. The keys include 89 species recorded in Poland so far. Some species are shown on colour photographs. The book is illustrated with 300+ mostly colour images including SEM-images, photographs of the wasps, examples of their hosts, morphology details, ca. 90 distribution maps, phenology diagrams, etc. The book is accompanied by six appendices: scientific nams of Polish Pompilidae, checklist of collection localities, distributional catalogue of Polish spider-hunting wasps, biotope preferences of Chrysididae in Poland, plants visited by adult Pompilidae and their known spider hosts.
The book was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland, grant No. 2P04C 077 30.
PL-ISBN 83-60337-15-4
Year of publication – 2009. Hard cover, 432 pages. Selected pages are shown below:


Chapter 1 Introduction_Strona_01Chapter 1 Introduction_Strona_06Chapter 1 Introduction_Strona_27Chapter 4 key to genera_Strona_01Chapter 4 key to genera_Strona_05Chapter 5 review of species_Strona_010Chapter 5 review of species_Strona_027Chapter 5 review of species_Strona_174